Information for Members

Covid-19 Advice & Risks

Following a temporary closure due to Covid-19, the Court re-opened on 13th May 2020.

The Club has risk-assessed its ability to re-open and believes that play may resume.

Play should be in line with the LTA Guidance for Players which you can view below, and with the government's advice which may change from time to time

LTA Guidance for Players.pdf
LTA Guidance for Players
Risk Assessment covid 19.pdf
Risk Assessment for Covid 19

Club Rules & Constitution

All members are bound by the rules & constitution of the club.

You can open, read & print the constitution here 

Minutes of the Club's most recent Annual General Meeting can be downloaded here.

Annual General Meeting

d'Abo TennisClub Constitution
Tennis club agm 2020.pdf
2020 AGM

Welfare & Inclusion

The Club has a duty of care and is committed to enabling all users of its facilities to do so in a comfortable and non-threatening environment.

On this part of the website you will find a number of policies and statements relating to how the Club aims to protect and encourage all users.

The Club remains the sum of its members, and all members are required to accept and adhere to the Club's policies.  All members bear the duty of care carried by the Club for their fellow members, guests and other users of the Club's facilities.

If any user of the Club's facilities is concerned about any aspect of the welfare of, or behaviour of any other person, the Club has established processes for reporting concerns.  Details of these processes may also be found in the policis and statements on this page.

If you have an immediate concern about the welfare or safety of anyone, you may prefer to contact someone else who may be able to help more quickly, for example a parent, guardian, teacher, coach, responsible adult, or the Police and Local Authorities.  In this case the Club will work with together these other people and organisations.

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Policies & Statements

Safeguarding Overview Statement of Intent.pdf
Safeguarding Overview
Diversity & Inclusion Policy.pdf
Diversity & Inclusion Policy
Safeguarding Full Policy.pdf
Safeguarding Policy

Wimbledon Ballot &

LTA Membership

As members of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), each year the Club is allocated an allowance of tickets for the Wimbledon Championship.


The number of tickets we are allocated is based on the number of registered members of the LTA there are at the Club.


Membership of the LTA is free and we urge all Club members (including children) to join in order to take part in the following season's draw.


Click here to start LTA registration


Privacy Policy.pdf
Privacy Policy