Court Booking

Online Court Booking

The Court is available for Club Members to book online using ClubSpark. Click the button to the right and log on to make and manage your bookings.

Playing Without Booking

Members can use the court without making a booking if the court has not been booked by another member.  Members with bookings have priority of use over those who have not booked.

Making Court Bookings

Registered ClubSpark Members can logon and make court bookings by clickling the ClubSpark image below

Starting with ClubSpark

If you have not used ClubSpark before, click on the button above then follow the instructions to create an account

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Booking Rules

All bookings should be made using ClubSpark

and can be made no longer than 4 days in advance.  Members may only book one session at a time.  Please remember to cancel bookings if no longer required.

Booking Problems

If you are experiencing any problems making bookings through ClubSpark, please inform the Club Secretary on: